The Undercovercabby

Don't walk away

The day dawned bright and strong, its golden rays playing on my bed trying to rouse me from my slumbers. I opened an eye and looked straight at Max, he was less than an inch from my face, I felt his tail wagging furiously and I felt his breath. I was on my side and tried to shift and move onto my back, my back ached horribly.

The door creaked open my father walked in and stood at the bottom of the bed, Max stiffened and growled but wouldn’t look at him. He put the palms of his hands on the wooden base and leant forward his chin jutting forward grotesquely, Max leapt up barking and snarling. My father grinned and slowly faded away leaving nothing behind him. He visits from time to time reminding me of who he was. RIP Dad

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