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Well I missed out session one but you didn’t miss much it was just the usual “tell me about yourself” and the boundaries etc but today was session two and to the uninitiated thats usually when we get started for real, only this course isn’t usual, its twenty sessions long and that isn’t usual, not in my experience anyway. She is using mindfulness which I thought was all about listening to the birds singing and the sound of your toenails growing, you can’t hear yours ? you really need to get those socks off.

If CBT is a metaphorical grave then today we removed the topsoil and took a look at the earth beneath, she thinks its dark. I’m sure she’s gonna need a bigger shovel.

to be continued…..

One thought on “CBT session 2

  1. Rina Exel says:

    well missing one could”n be that bad , right? maybe it is though. do follow these 20 sessions, i think she will go to the bottem of where it comes from. Maybe not easy now or at these 20 sessions, but at the end you will know a lot more, about how it started and how you can deal with it.
    Just go for it ….Ok do it for yourselfs you own it to yourself. xx


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